Improve your power supply efficiency!

C.C.JENSEN has decades of experience in oil filtration and purification in power plants, and is a market leader worldwide in offline fine filtration. With more than 100,000 filters installed within the power generation sector we know what it takes to make your power plant give the highest yield, and reduce the risk of outages.

Reduce oil-related problems on your bearings, gears, transformers, tap changers etc.

C.C.JENSEN has more than 60 years’ experience in the power industry and many power plants worldwide rely on CJC™ Oil Filters to keep oil clean and dry, in their quest to effectively reduce oil-related problems in their processes and maximize ROI.

Improve your up-time and extend oil lifetime

CJC™ Oil Filters constantly remove particles, water, oxidation and acids from oil, resulting in reduced wear on components in many different power plant systems. This can extend the lifetime of the lubrication, hydraulic, and transformer oil with a factor 3-4, and improve your up-time and output significantly.

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