Blue Baleen Pre Conditioners

  • The CJC™ Blue Baleen PreConditioner (PC) is a bag filter.
  • Using CJC™ Blue Baleen PreConditioner Inserts (PCI) , designed for pre-conditioning of bilge water and other types of process or waste water.
  • The CJC™ PreConditioner (PC) is intended for installation before a CJC™ Blue Baleen OilAbsorb (OA) system in marine bilge water over board systems or other waste water systems in order to:
    • Remove solid contaminants, rust, soot, sand and dust etc. from the water.
    • Remove large oil droplets from the water, which will further extend the service time of the Blue Baleen OilAbsorb Inserts.
    • Particle Removal.
  • The clean bilge may contain solid contaminants such as:
    • Rust.
    • Soot.
    • Sand.
    • Dust particles which may blur the water and disturb the Oil Monitor sensor.
  • The PreConditioner is a good add-on to the Blue Baleen OilAbsorb.
  • It will reduce the readings on the Oil Monitor.
  • As standard the CJC™ PreConditioner is equipped with 5 µm and 2 µm polypropylene bag filters.

Product Sheet CJC Blue Baleen PreConditioner (PC)