Welcome To IQ Oil Australia

The sole factory appointed distributor of CJC Filtration products for Aus (bar WA), NZ, PNG & Pacific Islands.


IQ Oil has over 20 years experience working directly with Danish manufacturer C.C Jensen who have been providing world class solutions through the manufacture and supply of CJC Fine Filtration Products to multiple industry sectors for over 65 years.

With our combined experiences IQ Oil Australia are the local experts in providing CJC Diesel and Oil Filtration systems for heavy mining trucks, rock crushers, mills, diesel tanks, ships, bulk storage tanks, along with many other applications.

Our Core Focus

The focus of IQ Oil Filtration is provision of engineered solutions to simple and complex problems of Oil and Diesel Contamination Maintenance throughout industry across Australia (bar WA) including Power, Mining, Petrochemical, Marine, Transport, Steel, Paper, Aluminium, and many other manufacturing industries.

IQ Oil Australia is able to offer customised solutions to every customer, from those requiring a simple retro-fit of oil or diesel filtration equipment, right through to customers requiring a complete CJC filtration system solution.

IQ Oil Australia has the products and expertise to implement a system to control oil and fuel contamination, from delivery, to primary storage facilities, to secondary storage facilities, to mobile storage facilities, to in-use, post-use and discard.

By controlling the contamination level of oil and diesel, right through the customers process, we are able significantly improve equipment reliability, wear and tear effects on equipment, oil consumption.