The value of uptime – always clean & dry oil

C.C.JENSEN has over six decades of experience and is the global market leader in offline oil filtration in marine and offshore applications.

We know the importance of uptime and how to reduce the risk of expensive breakdowns. With CJC™ Oil Filters installed on your vessel or rig, you effectively reduce oil-related problems, and you ensure always having continuous clean & dry oil providing the best operation and efficiency, giving you the highest earnings.


Improve your vessels and rigs up-time and extend oil lifetime

Having continuous oil maintenance installed, you reduce oil-related problems on your engine, thrusters, bearings, gears, winches, cranes etc.

CJC™ Oil Filters constantly remove particles, water and oil degradation products from oil, resulting in reduced wear on components in many different marine and offshore applications. This extends the lifetime of the lubrication and hydraulic oil with a factor 3-4, improving your uptime. We clean diesel to a level optimized for common rail technology.


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