Stay up to date with the latest news from IQ Oil Australia, here at IQ Oil we are not simply about selling you a filter, we want to add value to what you’re doing on a day to day basis.  To do this we examine some of the key areas that dirty fuels and lubricants can affect the productivity of your operation, ways to improve and better manage the filtration process and shed light on the reasons why.  By understanding the application and the process of contamination of your fuels and lubricants you will be better able to treat the issues that decrease productivity and ultimately makes your operation less profitable.


IQ Oil Australia’s series “How much is Poor Oil Quality Costing your Operation?” is a series of focused case studies that highlight the ways that improved oil quality and choosing the right filtration can benefit many operations.  “How much is Poor Oil Quality Costing your Operation” will examine that additional benefits and cost effectiveness of using CJC Filtration Systems in some of the harshest operating environments.


“How much is Poor Oil Quality Costing your Operation?” will examine the many reasons that CJC Filtration is leading consideration for the Marine and Wind Industries and how that relates and transfers to other industries like Mining, Manufacturing and General Industry.  They will look at what makes CJC the most cost-effective way of removing and maintaining most common contamination in your fuels and lubricants when compared to traditional filtration methods you may be using or considering. Answering the question on how IQ Oil Australia and CJC deliver “The Cleanest Possible Oil at The Cheapest Possible Price” in even the toughest application in the harshest environment.


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